Tahoma Serenity Essential Video

Tahoma Serenity Essential Video

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Pack alarm connected Somfy Serenity Essential .

The box Tahoma Somfy allows you to domotiser your habitat and secure.

This pack includes a box Tahoma , an opening sensor ,a motion detector, a remote control and a siren inside.

Your alarm is remotely-controllable by a smartphone app.

Intuitive to use :

Comfort of use thanks to a control at home or remotely and to view the status of the equipment at any time (equipment io only).

Energy savings thanks to the sensor of sunshine which allows you to automatically adapt the movement of the equipment to the rhythm of the sun (in the summer the shutters come down and the house stays cool…).

Security thanks to the possibility to remotely manage the ups and downs of the house (close the flaps at the approach of a storm, etc.).

Control from PCS, tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android apps available as free downloads).

In case of internet outage, the products remain controllable by the points of orders of the house and the backup of the settings of the installation is automatic.

A box open and scalable

TaHoma is compatible with more than one hundred equipment Somfy different universe (engines, lighting, alarm, power…)

Many expert partners of the habitat are also compatible, to ensure the best offers connected to possible

  • Heating : Atlantic, Hitachi, Ciat, Honeywell, Danfoss…
  • Lighting : Philips hue
  • Opening : GU, KFV, Hoppe, Velux

The rhythm of its needs and its budget, the installation TaHoma can be supplemented to more closely respond to the expectations of its users.

Features included :

  • Manual control of equipment
  • Agenda for the week : management of the house following its rhythm of life (creation of typical days placed in the calendar)
  • Programming Smart : automation equipment connected under the condition (1 only condition : state detector or sensor, time schedule…)

Options available :

  • Scenarios : simultaneous operation of multiple devices (regardless of the universe : lighting, doors, heating…)
  • Calendar year
  • Programming Smart advanced : automation of equipment connected under conditions (multiple concurrent conditions : the detector and the sensor, conditions the schedules)


Box TaHoma

  • Radio frequency + frequency Bands and maximum Power used
  • 433.42 MHz : RTS
  • 433,050 MHz – 434,790 MHz e. r. p. <10 mW
  • 868-870 MHz : io-homecontrol® two-way tri-band, with ” LBT ” ( Listen Before Talk )
  • 868,000 MHz 868,600 MHz e. r. p. <25 mW
  • 868,700 MHz 869,200 MHz e. r. p. <25 mW
  • 869,700 MHz – 870,000 MHz e. r. p. <25 mW
  • Index of protection : IP20
  • Dimensions (L x w x h) : 110 x 71,25 x 28,13 mm
  • Housing : ABS plastic
  • Power supply : USB 5 V DC-2 A max
  • 1-port USB expansion

Remote Control Security

  • Lithium battery CR2430 included (x1)

A motion detector inside

  • Detection infra red
  • Detection up to 8m / Angle: 104°
  • Radio range : 200 m in free feld
  • Lithium battery CR123 included (x1) / shelf life 3 years
  • Dimensions: 43 mm x 42 mm x 16 mm
  • Mounting : glued (adhesive Strips included) or mounted (screws not included)

Opening sensor, and shock

  • Detect intrusions (openings) or intrusion attempts (shocks)
  • Radio range : 200 m in free feld
  • Lithium battery CR123 included (x1) / shelf life 3 years
  • Dimensions: 97 mm x 47 mm x 23 mm
  • Mounting : glued (adhesive Strips included) or mounted (screws not included)


  •     HD Night Vision
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